Our Isle of Wight holiday

At the end of July we went on a family holiday to the Isle of Wight. We love going there as there is so much to do and lovely beaches and it doesn’t take you long to get around the island.

The ferry we managed to get over to the island was a big one and had a soft play and a little cinema area with frozen on for the kids. It kept the girls busy even though it wasn’t a long journey.
The caravan site we stayed on was Park Resorts Lower Hyde in Shanklin and we had a caravan very near the main amenities. 

The caravan was really nice and large and didn’t take long for the girls to make themselves at home and trash the place!

We didn’t bring a highchair for Amelia, we decided that she could use a little camping chair that was Hollie’s. It worked out OK but she is a true fidget bum!
Also we didn’t bring a travel cot and just put two single beds together and worked out well apart from the bed I had was slightly lower and I would wake up to find Amelia in my face!

The girls loved the giant deck chair and as we took a picture of Hollie last year in one when we went to Thorness Bay so we had to take one this year of the two of them. 

This year we tried to go to the beach as much as we could and a Sandown beach was close to where we were staying, so it was where we went first. 
Hollie remembered that last year we went to a place with a little outdoor splash pool and so we had to make sure we went to it this year at Ventnor. 
Amelia wasn’t sure at first but really loved it in the end. 

On our travels we came to Bembridge to see the lifeboat station as Hollie had been studying about the RNLI at school. It was lovely for Hollie to be able to see a big lifeboat inside but I liked the station too!  

While walking back over the bridge from the lifeboat station were these lovely colourful beach huts. They were more like little garden sheds but they were very colourful anyway.

We made another trip to Sandown beach later in the week and Amelia was obsessed with the empty sun loungers and would happily sit there for ages.

We were able to see the Sandown carnival while on holiday and we loved these ballerinas of all shapes and sizes and they were all in sequence too!

One of the trips we did go on was to the Needles. Hollie loves the rides here so we made sure we got there.

There were a few rides that Amelia could go on and so went on the cars with Hollie and Grandma. 

Amelia loved the carousel with her dad. 

Hollie also loved the carousel.

This ball on the water was one of the things Hollie really wanted to go on and made sure to splash us!

The other thing Hollie wanted to go on was the chair lift. She loved going over the cliff and seeing the beach. I went on it last year and that was enough for me! 

While Hollie and dad was on the chair lift, Amelia was busy talking to Bob the Builder!

After visiting the Needles, we decided to make one last trip to the beach and went to Shanklin.

While we were busy in the day, we also went to the entertainment in the evening as the girls absolutely loved it and outstayed many adults! Amelia would be running round and round entertaining herself while Hollie loved the productions they put on and all the dancing.

Before we went home we managed to go to the meet and greet and the girls went up on stage and so did Grandma! 
We had a lovely time on the Isle of Wight and wished we could stay longer but we will be back sooner or later. 

Have you been to the Isle of Wight or would love to go? Let me know in the comments, I would love to know.

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