Day out at Fineshade Woods

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yesterday we went on a little journey to somewhere we hadn't been before. We went to the other side of the county to a place called Fineshade Woods in East Northamptonshire.

It is a lovely wood with lots of trails for walking and cycling and has some playgrounds for the kids too. 

There was an activity trail around the wood for the kids to follow and keep them entertained. Hollie loved finding the next clue.

One of the playgrounds was called tree house and was a wooden climbing frame that Hollie enjoyed. 

There was quite a few wigwams being made with sticks and the kids seem to love this!

There is a lovely cafe and barns with lots of seating to eat and relax.

The second playground was bigger and also better for Amelia to play on. 

They liked sitting in the little house which had a slide. Could do with one of these at home!

They both enjoyed the slide and Hollie enjoyed the hammock too. 

The car park reminded me so much of the ones at Centre Parcs, Random fact I know but think it was the way the trees are lined up!

It's great to find somewhere different to visit and it was great to see that it was well maintained and looked really pretty. We will be back again sometime to investigate more of the trails. 

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Wicked Wednesday 27.5.2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The 7 year old managed to take the stair gate out when playing with a cardboard box. She was quite pleased with herself. Who needs toys!  p.s. she is still in the box in the photo and wouldn't get out!


50 things that make me happy tag

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I have seen so many people do this tag that
I thought I would have a go. Here a my 50 in no particular order:

1 My husband, Mark
2 My girls
3 Seaside
4 Family
5 Friends
6 Sunshine
7 Holidays
8 Instagram - love looking at home decor inspiration.
9 Camera
10 Iphone
11 Shopping - love wandering around shops like Homesense and B and M!
12 Seeing the girls play together 
13 Baking - as I'm lactose intolerant, I try to make some treats now and again.
14 Organisation
15 Clean and tidy home
16 Making lists
17 Home decor
18 Stationery 
19 Pretty garden - trying to do ours up at the moment and make it pretty.
20 Summer 
21 Decorating 
22 Hearing the girls laugh 
23 Blogging
24 Clean bedding 
25 Days out 
26 Music - especially helps when I'm feeling anxious.
27 Hot baths 
28 New blogs
29 Blog design 
30 Youtube - I watch more youtube than tv these days.
31 Clean kitchen
32 Sleep
33 Cooking with Hollie  
34 Random adventures - love getting in the car and seeing where we end up.
35 Seeing the girls learn new things
36 Make up
37 Christmas
38 Giving presents
39 Random acts of kindness - great to see peoples faces.
40 Barbecues
41 Memories
42 My home
43 Coffee  - can only stomach de-caf sadly.
44 Being a mum - sometimes still don't believe it even after 7 years!
45 Flowers 
46 Lie ins 
47 A bargain 
48 Sunset/sunrise
49 Haircut - my hair is so long at the moment, it could do with a good cut.
50 Photography

I'm going to tag these lovely ladies:

Emily -
Abbi -

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Mums' Days

Wicked Wednesday 20.5.2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My climbing monkey! Just so she could throw her toys over the fire guard! 

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