Day out at Drayton Manor

We love to go to Drayton Manor theme park and this year we decided to go on Easter Sunday. As Amelia is at an age where she can interact and go on more of the rides it was a perfect theme park for her with Thomas Land being there too.

We got there when the park opened at 9.30, an hour before the rides opened and went to the park and the zoo. 
We went to Drayton Manor when Hollie was 2 and a half and I wanted to take a picture of her in the same place where I took one of the pictures. Four and a half years later, she’s growing so quickly! 

Hollie and Amelia enjoyed the slides and we couldn’t get them off them! 

We saw a just a few of the animals in the zoo as they spent a long time on the slides. There were lots of inquisitive Meerkats, some black leopards (look at those paws) and a loud monkey to name a few.

When the rides opened, the first one we went on was Stormforce 10 which was a log flume and we got very wet. Hollie was not amused.

Grandad decided to go on the roller-coaster where you stand up! No one else wanted to though!

We then went to Thomas Land. This part is always very popular and they are extending Thomas Land, so some of it was blocked off.
There was plenty of things to keep you amused while in the queues like the bubble blower and stilt walkers.

Amelia got to on quite a few rides in Thomas Land with her sister and she really enjoyed them.

Hollie liked the cars in the air and enjoyed having the front seat to herself and relegated her grandad to the rear!

One of the last rides we went on was the big Ferris wheel. The trouble with the Ferris wheel is it takes a long time to load and unload people but once we were on it we got a lovely view of the park. 
Normally the park closes at 5 but as it was so nice they extended it to 6 and that allowed Hollie and her dad to go on the dodgems and also go in the soft play before leaving. 
We had a lovely day and could easily have done a lot more but the day went so quickly. My mum and step dad really enjoyed themselves too. 
We will definitely be back in the future sometime and if you can get the 2 for 1 deals like we did, its a lot better value. 

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