Happy First Birthday Amelia

Finally I am back with a blog post! I have had some computer problems as my computer is so slow but hopefully can post some of the post I have ready to post this week.
Anyway, yesterday was Amelia’s first birthday. The year has gone so fast and I can’t believe that I now have a one year old! 
We decided to have a little tea party for her at home and I decided that I was going to make a few things to decorate the house. 
I also decided to buy a ready iced cake and then decorate myself. Hollie wanted to help me so she helped me do the pink and green iced hearts. I just used a icing tube to write ‘Happy Birthday Amelia’ and made a little banner too. 
To make the banner I just used some cake pop sticks, some thread, and some number ones that I had die cut from some pink and green card and just taped them to the thread and the thread to the sticks, with some washi tape. 

Hollie also wanted to make some cupcakes so we made some basic cupcakes, added some frosting and then made some number one sticks with some cocktail sticks and some of the same green number one die cuts like the banner on the cake.
Hollie really wanted to have a cake stand to put them on too.

For the decoration, I made a yarn number one and a tassel garland and there will be a post up later in the week about how I made those. 
For Amelia’s outfit, I wanted her to wear the same outfit that Hollie wore for her first birthday even down to the little Daisy Roots soft shoes!
Amelia started to open her presents but her sister soon took over when she wasn’t opening them quick enough!

Amelia really enjoyed the food and especially the cake!
She also had fun opening her presents and playing with her new toys.

As usual the kids didn’t sit still so trying to take a photo of them meant there was always going to be a bit of a blur happening!

Amelia got some new toys and some lovely clothes from her aunties too including some Frozen tops!
So with one birthday down, it’s one to go as Hollie is 7 in 2 weeks! 

My May Sunshine

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