Earring Frame

When it comes to storing earrings, I knew that I didn’t want to just put them in a box because I knew that I wouldn’t wear them and forget what I had. I decided that I wanted to display them in a way that would be quick to choose and easy to wear them. I am a bit of creature of habit and tend to stick to a few pairs of earrings so I don’t have too many and tend to stick to silver earrings. 
So this is what I came up with.
I used a frame and took the glass out of the frame and added some cork which I painted in a teal  colour.
The frame is an  Ribba frame  from Ikea. It is 26cm high and 20cm wide when stood up.
RIBBA Frame IKEA The mount enhances the picture and makes framing easy. PH-neutral mount; will not discolour the picture.
The frame can be either stood up or laid down. I chose to lay it down so that I could make a few rows of earrings.

To attach the earrings, I just used one of the pins that I was going to use for the hoop earrings, to make a hole in the cork. Then the earring just fit in the hole and I made sure that I didn’t push them in too far.
The earrings don’t tend to fall out as the frame sits back slightly on the stand so it stops them falling forward.

  I like the way that I can just put it on a shelf and it looks pretty and sorts my earring out at the same time? 
Also in Ikea, you can get large Ribba frames and so I thought that would work if you had large amount of earrings.
 what do you think? 
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