Buttons, washi tape and die storage inspiration

After showing more ways I organised things in my craft room yesterday. Today I thought I would show how others have organised buttons, tape and dies.

Firstly buttons, I like the use of the little jars on the shelf in colour order.

Using a pretty decorative stand and some jars to separate the colours is a great way to display buttons.

If you want to store buttons out of sight, using a box that has compartments could help.

For a cheap, quick and easy solution, use wine glasses and store them a shelf.

For a DIY project, utilise an old chocolate box tray.

For washi tape, really pretty way to store and display washi tape is using an acrylic drawer from Muji.

Simply hang the tape on a mug tree.

Source: flickr.com via Louise on Pinterest

Hang the tape up on string under a shelf.

Source: flickr.com via Louise on Pinterest

You could DIY a project and make a holder for the tape.

For dies, you could store dies on magnetic strips like this one from Ikea.

Cover the back of doors with magnetic sheets so they are out sight but easily accessible.

This is extreme storage but if you know you will be getting or have lots of dies then it could be good storage and enables you to see what you have and use it.

Keeping dies separated by using plastic sleeves in binders.

Or create a DIY project to store them in a box neatly.

There is some great inspiration there and really enjoyed looking at them all on pinterest. Love all the colour of the buttons and tape. I really like the shelf with the little jars of buttons and the acrylic drawer with the tape in.

If you get stuck for inspiration, have a look on pinterest and type in different words that might lead you to the same thing for instance I typed in buttons storage but also left off the s on buttons and found more inspiration, it just depends on how people had spelt it when pinning the picture. Just a little tip.

See you soon.

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