Card Project Form

When it comes to writing a blog post that is about a card I have made, I find it difficult to remember what the supplies were that I needed to include in the post.
I have written the supplies down on bits of paper and on post it notes but quite often don’t write down what card they are for.
So I decided to make my own printable card project forms that I could just print off and store some ready for use. Using these forms helps to remind me to write the name down or create one for the card. 
I included just a few titles to allow me to keep track of the supplies. I write down the name of the card, the titles of the photos used and then can write down the supplies.

When I have finished with the card and it is inside the clear envelope, I just simply use a piece of washi tape on top of the card project form and stick it to the front of the clear envelope. That way I know all the details of the card ready for creating a blog post and also I know which cards need to be posted on the blog at a glance. 

Once the card is posted on the blog I take the form off the card and store them elsewhere in case I need to look at them in the future. 
Here is the printable if you are interested in printing some off for yourself.
Let me know what you think of these. I have found them very useful and hope you do too. 

My May Sunshine

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