The Girls: August 2015.

As it has been the summer holidays for the last month, the girls have spent a lot more time together. They really love to play and spend time together. The time has gone quite quickly and I feel we have kept ourselves busy too. 

We had a lovely time at a play day at a local park where the girls could play with lots of different things including the sand and toys likes the toy cement mixer!

My sister moved into her new house with her boyfriend recently and the girls really loved bouncing and playing on their bed! What child doesn’t love to bounce on a bed?
Amelia’s speech is really developing too and now can say ‘Hollie’ and tries to say ‘where are you’ but just shouts ‘oooo’, it’s so cute! She also picks up more and more words we have been saying and Hollie loves being able to help her sister say new words. 

We went on holiday at the end of July to the Isle of Wight and we spent a lot of time on the beach this year but the above picture was actually at the indoor beach in Milton Keynes, wasn’t the same!

The girls really loved the entertainment on holiday and loved the characters too. They loved the caravan and building sandcastles on the beach. 

They so so loved this little splash pool although Amelia wasn’t sure as she isn’t too sure about the swimming pool but really enjoyed it in the end. Hollie really loves the water and is quite confident so hopefully that will help Amelia. 

It was so nice to see the girls enjoy the holiday this year as last year Amelia was only 6 months and couldn’t do much but this year she was always following Hollie around!

Hollie has been really helpful with Amelia this last month and gets bored when Amelia isn’t around but I think it will be Amelia that will really miss Hollie when she goes back to school. We shall see! 
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