The Girls: June 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

I love to see how the girls are growing up together so thought I would join in with the Siblings linky.

The girls are really beginning to play together and enjoy each others company and they really miss each other if they aren't together. When Amelia goes for a nap, Hollie can't wait for her to wake and play! 

Amelia is beginning to complain when Hollie does something she doesn't like and that sometimes surprises Hollie as Amelia is a lot more vocal now!

Hollie really likes to wear matching clothes with Amelia and as there is 6 years between them, it has been hard to find clothes that are matching in the right sizes. They were lucky to get one matching orange Hello Kitty top each from their auntie but when I went into H & M recently and realised their clothes went from 1 1/2 to age 8, Hollie was really pleased to be able to buy some dresses that matched. 

It's been great that I managed to get some photos of the two of them together as I tend to end up with photos of them separately, so hopefully will continue to get some photos of them together! 

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