Amelia 12 Months / 1 Year Update


I have not done that many updates on Amelia but thought as she is now one, I would do a 12 month update.


Amelia now has 3 meals a day and snacks. She is really into finger foods and loves eating bananas and peas. She is now on to cows milk and has 2 bottles of whole milk a day, one in the morning and one before bed.


Amelia loves her sleep and has two naps a day most of the time unless we are out. They are usually between 9.30 and 11 and then 3.30 and 5. These usually happen more on a school day as they are more the routine.

She goes to bed about 9 and gets up about 7-7.30. This to some might seem late to go to bed but it works for us, with a nearly 7 year who share a bedroom with her sister and tends to go to bed first so she doesn’t disturbed Amelia. Also by going to bed a bit later, she doesn’t get up too early either, she tends to get up when her sister does.


Amelia is still in some 9-12 month old clothes but is in mainly 12-18 month old clothes. She will be able to wear more the 12-18 month tops she has, which are longer in length, when she is walking properly. She is also still in 4 plus nappies.

We got her feet measured and she is a 3H, which has been a little hard to get hold of. She is smaller and wider than her sister, so couldn’t wear her sister shoes.


Amelia loves to pretend to be on the phone. She uses anything including the remote control.

She also loves to to the downward dog yoga pose a lot. 
She also really loves the swings. This picture is at Centre Parcs at Sherwood Forest on the beach there. We went to visit family who were staying there and couldn’t miss a go on the swings!


– She has just started walking a little. She hasn’t quite got the confidence and stability yet but she is getting there.

– She had said hiya, mumma and dadda for a while but has started saying ‘what’s that?’

– She has 5 teeth, 3 at the bottom and 2 at the top with 2 more at the top trying to come through.

What was your child doing at this age?

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