Pacifier Clip Holder

When looking online recently for dummy or pacifier holders, I came across a lot of varieties on Ebay as well as elsewhere. They were all so nice and pretty with characters like Minnie mouse and beads and letter beads to spell the babies name but I just wanted plain simple holders.
All these pacifier holders were made from simple ribbon and if you have seen my ribbon organisation, I have plenty of ribbon! I thought I would see how much it would cost to buy the tools. I managed to buy one of the Kam pliers for about £10 and it came with the screwdriver etc and press snaps in 2 sizes. I will be explaining more about the Kam pliers in another post soon. I also picked up some of the clips to attach to pushchair or clothes etc. 
To make the pacifier holder, you need the following:
-Kam pliers and the accessories to fit the size of press snaps you are using.
-Screwdriver that came with the kit to change the accessories.
Liquid glue or lighter.
-Hole piercer ( I used Tim Holtz craft pick).
-Ribbon of your choice.
You need to decide how long you want the holder to be and add a couple of centimetres to allow you to fold over the ribbon before adding the press snaps, approx 7cms to create loop to attach pacifier and the same if you want the other end to be able to attach to a stroller as well as use the clip.
On one side make sure you add the clip on before add the second press snap as it won’t go on afterwards. I made that mistake a few times!

On the other end you need to just add to press snaps to create the loop to hold the dummy.  Also after I had finished making the holder, I added some liquid glue ( I used Ranger Glossy Accents from my craft stash but you could use others) to the end of the ribbons to stop them from fraying. You could do this before you put it together and also could heat set the ends with a lighter too.
These are some of the pacifier clip holder I have made as well. I could make so many with all the coloured ribbon I have!

I have a few more projects to use the Kam pliers for and will post them in the next few weeks.
Have a lovely weekend and see you soon! 

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