Felt Food Part 2

In the first felt food post, I showed you the the pasta, spaghetti, eggs and bacon that I had made for my daughters kitchen, well today I am back with the second part and I have some felt tea bags, donuts and biscuits to show you.
For the tea bags, I just created a rectangle and cut off the corners to make a tag shape, sewed them and filled them with stuffing and then created the string with bakers twine and a little square of felt at the top.  Most of the tea bags have stuffing in but a few haven’t and they still look good.

To store the tea bags, I grabbed a small tin that was in a set of three from Ikea which are the same as these. The tin was the perfect size and will keep them all together. 

Next, I made some felt donuts. To make these I used a cd to draw around and created a pattern for the top and sewed on some beads to the pink and white ones. They were then simply sewn and stuffed. 
Last, I have made some little biscuits which look like party rings. These are similar to the donuts but just created wavy strips to put on top instead of sprinkles. 

They were fairly easy to make and were well received.
Hollie has really enjoyed using the tea bags in her little cups and using the cakes on her little play cake stand.
Have you made anything or considering making anything from felt? Leave me a comment and let me know. 

My May Sunshine

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