Updated wooden drawers

I have been loving the Martha Stewart home office range that’s in Staples now and especially as they have had up to 40% off the range and could quite easily buy so much of it. 
The one thing I did buy was the small bookplates
I wanted to jazz up some plain wooden drawers I had.
This is what the drawers look like when I bought it from Ikea a few years ago and were just bare wood.
I forgot to take a picture of the drawers when they were plain yellow as I was so eager to label them, but you can see them in the picture below from my craft room post.

So I used the Martha Stewart small book plates on the front of the drawers and that instantly made the drawers look better.

I didn’t want to just add some plain white labels, so covered the white labels with some washi tape in the center and then added a label I made using my label maker and the clear tape. 
This is what the drawers looked like before adding the clear labels on them. It adds just enough colour to the drawers.
I thought I would show you what is in the drawers. 
The first one has a lot of post it notes.
The next drawer has folder tabs, sticky labels and book plates.

Then there is a drawer with office stationery.

This drawer has a lot of Ikea hooks, some magazine file plates, screen cloth and a magnetic rack thingamabob!

There is a drawer full of pens and pencils.
and the bottom drawer has more office stationery.

So this is what the drawers look like all spruced up and labelled. I think they look much better, less plain and more organised.
Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the fireworks if you were in the UK.
See you soon.

My May Sunshine

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