DIY jar pumpkin

Monday, October 29, 2012

Today's Halloween project came about as I wanted to do something with an old jam jar. It wasn't until I went to Hobbycraft that I came across some orange crepe paper and the idea went from there and I decided to use the crepe paper to make a jar pumpkin.

So I started with the jar and simply added a piece of the crepe paper all the way around so it covered most of the glass. Then I just cut strips of the crepe paper and wrapped it around the jar, twisting the crepe paper at the same time until it was covered.

Next, I cut out a pumpkin face from a template I found here and then glued it to the side of the jar.

I got a battery operated light from Wilkinson's for 50p and thought that this would be perfect to place inside the jar.

This is a picture of the pumpkin jar without the light turned on

and this is the pumpkin jar with the light turned on. 

I think this looks really cute and different. Hollie thought it was good too and was intrigued with the light. 

I was great for Hollie as it wasn't a real candle so it didn't need to be watched and wasn't dangerous.

So that's it for my Halloween projects this year. We have only made a few things and haven't bought many Halloween items as Hollie is only 4 and doesn't not like anything too scary. 

Hollie and I have had great fun with the projects for Halloween and I hope you have too.

Have a happy Halloween, if you celebrate it.

See you soon with more inspiration. 

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