The Girls: January 2016.

The girls this past month have still been very close but Hollie is beginning to want some space from her sister to play with things like her doll house and her Lego. Until recently Amelia hasn’t minded this but as she is growing up, she is wanting to play with all the things that Hollie is playing with too so this has been hard to be able to keep the peace!
Just before Christmas, we put Amelia in the bottom of Hollie’s bunk bed, rather than her cot bed as we were running out of space in their bedroom. They have really loved being able to sit, read and play on Amelia’s bed as we struggled to read to Hollie while she was on top of her bunk bed and so now they love to sit (and jump!) on the bottom bed. I did wonder if putting Amelia into a single bed was too soon and she is such a cheeky monkey climbing the ladder and emptying everything in the wardrobes and drawers, but she has had no trouble adjusting to the bed, so that’s great. 

We have been adjusting to a few things over the last month and they have been a bit tough but even though Hollie is craving more space, the girls bond is still strong and and I am thankful for that.

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