Sending thank you cards

These days with all the types of social media, it’s so easy to just send a quick thank you to someone that sent you a present, helped you out etc.
As much as I might do this now and again, I really like to send out thank you cards to people whether they are 20 or 80. To me as a crafter, I think that it shows that person that you were grateful and are thinking of them, which these days it’s so easy to forget to thank people.
With the thank you cards I have made recently for people that bought the girls Christmas presents, I did some batch card making and made 9 cards all of the same theme but with different patterned papers. 

I really like making cards, if you hadn’t noticed from the past the past blog posts, and it’s so easy to send cards whether you make them or buy them, I think it’s important to show others that you are grateful.

Do you agree or do you think that social media has taken over and cards are redundant? I would love to know what you think.

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