The Girls: October 2015

Over the last month their bond has still been the same and even though Hollie has been doing after school clubs, Amelia doesn’t seem to mind and is fine playing by herself and enjoys playgroup too! 
With all the nice weather we have had, we tried to get out and about. Recently we decided to go to Birmingham on the train as Amelia hadn’t been on a full size train before, she has been on miniature trains but not a full size train! She really enjoyed the train and so did Hollie. Amelia was fascinated by all the sounds, announcements and stops the train was doing. 
They also both love planes and love looking at them in the sky, and Amelia is really good at hearing them and wants to find where they are in the sky, so we went to the airport on the way home, to see the planes landing and taking off! I have to say I loved being nosey at the planes and the airport too! 

One thing we do a lot is go to the park. We have a few favourite parks and love finding new parks and we were at a new park in the photo above. The girls love playing together at the park and helping each other and never seem to get bored of them. Can’t beat free entertainment! 

Up until recently the girls love to have a bath together. They love to get all the toys out and make soap bubbles (which Hollie is trying to make in the photo). Hollie has now decided she prefers a shower and wash her hair separately. I’m not sure why she has decided to do this but Amelia misses playing with her in the bath but I suppose Hollie is growing up! 
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  1. 22 October,2015 / 10:00 am

    My children love going on the train, it's a grand adventure watching the world go by #siblings

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