The Girls: September 2015

Hollie has been back at school for a week and a half but luckily Amelia doesn’t seem to have missed Hollie so far. It might just be that I have kept Amelia busy but she does get really excited when we pick Hollie up from school!

I love how Hollie really loves helping and looking after Amelia and is quite protective of her. They have started doing more things together that last longer than 5 minute, as that is what was happening before. Things like playing in the garden, drawing and colouring and playing with the play kitchen.

One thing the girls have started doing more is fighting. Now that Amelia is a lot more independent she wants anything and everything, especially things her big sister has! That’s kids for you though so it will only get worse I’m sure! 
The girls are still very close but I’m glad that Hollie has gone back to school and we appreciate her more when she comes home, as during the holidays it was getting a bit too much for the girls, always being on top of each other and probably contributed to the fighting I mentioned before. A little time apart is good I think!
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