My favourite stationery

Thursday, April 30, 2015

As it's World Stationery week I thought I would share my favourites. I love love stationery and have a fair bit of it. I love to browse shops like Homesense and Staples to see what interesting things I can pick up. 

When it comes to browsing Homesense I love looking at all the colourful notebooks and notepads they have. These are some of the ones I have picked up recently.

I also love post its notes. I love the ones in the set at the back that I found in Wilkinson's especially the list with hearts. 

Whether it be in a planner or just a recipe book and I want keep track of a page, these page flags are great. The colourful ones are from Paperchase and are so easy to store too. 

Labels are great for adding to envelopes and presents and handy too for other uses to. I love the Martha Stewart range at Staples but sadly it's discontinued so have picked up a few bits in the clearance. 

When it comes to paperclips, I love the gold hearts from H and M they are so cure and the numbers from Ikea are handy for projects. 

My favourite pens for a long while are the Pilot Frixion pens. I have some standard ones and some clicker ones too.

It might or might not be stationery but washi tape has so many uses from wrapping presents to adding pictures to a wall and I love all the colours and patterns you can buy.  I have seen that they do some pastel coloured hi lighters so they may be on my shopping list soon!

These are a few of my favourite stationery items that have been handy to get me a bit more organised and tidy. 

Do you love stationery? What are your favourite items? I would love to hear. 

*All items were purchased by myself. 

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Wicked Wednesday - 29 April 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

'That's Mine!' 


Only child to older child!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When we knew we were having another child we knew that telling Hollie, who was 5 at the time, would be easier than explaining it to a toddler.

I tried to make sure that Hollie got enough attention before Amelia came but also wanted her to be independent so she wouldn't feel more isolated and excluded than she was going to feel.

Hollie loved being involved in seeing how to look after Amelia and being able to fetch things to help. She took on a lot more responsibility than we realised but luckily, at the age she was and was quite sensible for her age, it worked really well. She did kind of grow up faster than we realised.

Trying to cope with a baby and felling tired etc, we were going to get grouchy. The one thing I found we were doing more is telling Hollie off for quite trivial things and would take things more out of context and worry unnecessarily, like not tidying her toys away where she would say she was still playing with them. It would make us realise that we weren't explaining things enough to her, just taking it for granted she understood.

It wasn't until Amelia was born that the guilt set in. I didn't feel much guilt really until after giving birth.

I have found that somethings have slipped, like reading Hollie a bedtime story and reading her school book. This I felt guilty for and know she needs to keep reading but before Amelia was born we would read her school book straight after school but routines slip and can be hard sometimes to bring them back.

The one thing that Hollie and I haven't had is quality time just the two of us. We have lots of family time, her dad takes her swimming and to football and I spend a lot of time with Amelia but I feel like I don't give Hollie enough one on one time. So that's something I hope to change this, this year. We will see!

Now that Amelia is 15 months and Holllie is 7, they play really well and love spending time together. I know as they get older this will change but for now we are enjoying how the girls relationship develops.

Here are a few of my tips for a child which is going from only child to older child:

- Get your older child to help you but don't expect too much from them.

- Spend time all together playing and interacting so your older child doesn't feel isolated.

- Ask if your older child has any questions about anything so they don't bottle things up and you don't presume they know things and are fine.

- Let them know you are proud of them, you appreciate them and like how grown up they are.

- Make sure your older child get the special quality time with you, your partner and family so they feel appreciated.

Do you have any tips or tricks that can help with being the older child? Would love to hear your thought too!

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Silent Sunday 26.04.2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Wicked Wednesday - 22nd April

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Why can't I pull your hair out Mummy?"


Silent Sunday 19.04.2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015


3D Name Frames

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I have spent a long time trying to sort out the girls room and the decor that goes in there. I really wanted to put up some frames with their names in them and decided to make them 3D.

I went with the Ribba frames from Ikea as I love these frames and have them in all different sizes as I have used them herehere and here!

I typed out the names in Microsoft Word and them printed them on some heavy weight paper but you could use regular if you are careful or card. 

As I have a lot of different craft punches, I decided to make use of them and punched out some butterflies, flowers and hearts to decorate the picture.

I also added a little pink gem on the letter I to add some colour. 

I made sure that they were 3D and added some gems to some of them to add some bling.

I decided to hang the frames close together with some of the other decor I had put up as well. 

These frames were so easy to make and you could decorate them any way you would like and use any font and colour you want too.

What do you think? Would they make a great gift? Would you like to receive one? Let me know.

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Day out at Drayton Manor

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

We love to go to Drayton Manor theme park and this year we decided to go on Easter Sunday. As Amelia is at an age where she can interact and go on more of the rides it was a perfect theme park for her with Thomas Land being there too.

We got there when the park opened at 9.30, an hour before the rides opened and went to the park and the zoo. 

We went to Drayton Manor when Hollie was 2 and a half and I wanted to take a picture of her in the same place where I took one of the pictures. Four and a half years later, she's growing so quickly! 

Hollie and Amelia enjoyed the slides and we couldn't get them off them! 

We saw a just a few of the animals in the zoo as they spent a long time on the slides. There were lots of inquisitive Meerkats, some black leopards (look at those paws) and a loud monkey to name a few.

When the rides opened, the first one we went on was Stormforce 10 which was a log flume and we got very wet. Hollie was not amused.
Grandad decided to go on the roller-coaster where you stand up! No one else wanted to though!

We then went to Thomas Land. This part is always very popular and they are extending Thomas Land, so some of it was blocked off.

There was plenty of things to keep you amused while in the queues like the bubble blower and stilt walkers.

Amelia got to on quite a few rides in Thomas Land with her sister and she really enjoyed them.

Hollie liked the cars in the air and enjoyed having the front seat to herself and relegated her grandad to the rear!

One of the last rides we went on was the big Ferris wheel. The trouble with the Ferris wheel is it takes a long time to load and unload people but once we were on it we got a lovely view of the park. 

Normally the park closes at 5 but as it was so nice they extended it to 6 and that allowed Hollie and her dad to go on the dodgems and also go in the soft play before leaving. 

We had a lovely day and could easily have done a lot more but the day went so quickly. My mum and step dad really enjoyed themselves too. 

We will definitely be back in the future sometime and if you can get the 2 for 1 deals like we did, its a lot better value. 

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Easter gifts for the girls

Thursday, April 02, 2015

As Easter is upon us I thought I would share what I have bought the girls for Easter.

For Amelia, we got her some touchy feely books from Sainsbury's. We managed to get them when they had their double up event so we were able to use £5 of points and double it up to get the 4 books and didn't cost us anything.

Amelia has been loving the threading lace and blocks, reels etc. when we go to softplay group, so I bought this seahorse set from the Early Learning Centre and I think she will love to thread the laces and all the characters. 

Rather than get her an Easter egg, i picked up these Lindt little chicks from Homesense and they were on offer too! 
Lastly I bought both girls a new placemat from Dunelm which has lots of woodland animals on it. 

For Hollie for Easter, I wasn't sure whether to get her just an egg but that didn't happen and bought a few things I spotted on my travels!

I came across these Charlie and Lola books in the 99p shop and couldn't resist them as I know she will like them and I am trying to get her to read more, which has been hard.

Hollie kept mentioning how she wanted one of these wooden giraffes from Wilkinsons and so I thought I would pick one up for Easter as well as some little eggs as she wants to do some cupcakes and put them on the top. 

Lastly I saw this pack of paper placemats in Staples which you can colour in and thought even if she doesn't use them as placemats, she would have fun colouring them in. 

I think they will love their little gifts and might keep them busy for a little bit!

Are you buying gifts for your children or ones you know or just getting an egg? I would love to know how you feel about gift giving at Easter. 

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