How to use Kam pliers and toy strap tutorial

Recently I have been making things using the Kam pliers and I thought I would show you how they are used in case anyone would like to know. 
I bought the Kam pliers from Ebay in a set with the accessories that you need to work the pliers and  pack of snap poppers in 2 sizes in 10 colours. I got them via auction for £8.99. You can find the Kam pliers and poppers separately on Ebay and you can also find lots of different sets. There are some nice sets with everything you need including ribbon. 

These are the tools that you get with the pliers.

I got 4 sizes of the black caps for the front of the snap poppers and 2 sizes of the metal bolt and rubber cap. You need to make sure you are using the correct size black cap with the correct popper and also the correct size metal bolt and rubber cap with the correct size back popper.
 The snap poppers come with a front part and 2 different back parts, You need to use a different back part to snap them together.
I did found it difficult to understand how to use the Kam pliers as they didn’t come with instructions, I learnt as I was going along and from on the Internet. In the set is a small screwdriver and you need this for the 2 screws that you need to alter in the picture.
To make the toy strap you need have a length of ribbon, in this case I had a 12 inch piece of ribbon. Fold over the ends approx 1/2 inch and then pierce the top part of the popper in the ribbon and place the back of popper on the back. Use the pliers to squeeze them together. 
Make sure you use enough pressure so that the spike is squashed enough so the other side of the snap popper will snap on it properly. It did take a few goes to realise how much I needed to squeeze it. 
Once you have done this popper you can add one further along the ribbon to make the loop. Make sure you use the opposite back side of the popper and make sure the fronts of the poppers are facing the same way. 
When you have finished the poppers, I added a little bit of glue to the end of the ribbon to stop them fraying but could use a lighter to seal the ends too.

The toy strap is easy to make but the pliers did take me a while to work out what size is for which popper etc. and I did go though a few poppers before I worked out what I was doing wrong.

Once you get the hang of the pliers you can have a go at making all sorts of things. Have you got any ideas of what you would use them for?

Here are some of the projects I have made using the Kam Pliers.

Pacifier Clip Holder.

Sophie the giraffe strap.

Altering bibs with snap poppers.

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