Altering bibs with the snap poppers

Thursday, June 26, 2014

For a long time now, Amelia has had reflux and brings up a lot of milk after her feeds and also with teething, she dribbles a lot too.

Luckily, the reflux doesn't seem to give her any problems but obviously the teething givers her some trouble.

The problem I have is that the bibs that I saved from Hollie and even some of the bibs Amelia got new, were too big around the neck and wouldn't catch the sick or dribble (nice!).

So I did think about buying new bibs but I just couldn't justify buying news bibs and trying to find ones that were smaller, if that was even possible. So I decided to add a snap popper using the Kam pliers to each of the bibs to make them smaller. All I did was measure where the snap popper needed to be when the bib was on and then added one.

 Adding a snap popper to the bibs has made them a lot better at catching sick and dribble and also keeps Amelia's neck a lot drier and more comfortable.

Such a simple thing has helped me solve a problem that was annoying me and helps me if the bibs stretch a bit in the future.

Have a lovely day. See you soon.

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