2013 Goals

This year I wanted to make some goals but didn’t want them to be anything like do more exercise or snack less, I wanted them to be achievable!
I wrote this motto in 2011 and I try to look at it regularly to remind me of the sentences especially if I am sinking a bit in life or struggling, but these word mean a lot to me.
My May Sunshine
So my goals for this year are:
Meal Planning.  Really want to make sure we as a family try to eat better but with three very different eaters, its proves very difficult. I have an intolerance to oil and milk, my husband is soooo fussy with food and my daughter is kind of following in his footsteps, so it makes my life hard. 
Cleaning Routine. I recently bought a cleaning printable from  Jen at I Heart Organizing, so would like to put that into action as my house isn’t very big but with a nearly 5 year old and a husband who hinders my cleaning and can trash the house very quickly, this is a must for me.
Garden. When the weather is better, I really want to get onto sorting the garden. It isn’t too bad but has a one plant in the back garden and 4 in the front. I may love the simplicity but it is lifeless.
– Finances. Need to sort out the bills and the paperwork too.
– Hollies learning.  Hollie is doing really well in her first year at school and really want to help her with her literacy and numeracy.
– Stop procrastinating.  This is a BIG one for me. I love to organise but it can take along time to actually complete the task I want to do so I have been sorting out some planners and printables to keeps me on task, especially for the blog and tasks I want to complete.
I think that they are achievable goals and something that I can get something back from.

If you have made some resolutions or goals this year, I would love to hear them in the comments.

My May Sunshine

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