Visit to see Father Christmas

 At the beginning of the week we decided to go and visit Milton Keynes shopping centre, as we do every year, to see there Christmas display. We were very lucky as we went after school on Monday and the whole centre was quiet, it was great.

This years display was called the land of enchanted dreams. We loved all the lights on the display and Hollie loved the fairies. You can see Hollie at the bottom, just shows you how big the display was.

Inside the light sculpture thing, was some giant balls and this is Hollie as Father Christmas, She thought it was great when she saw the picture of her but said her arms had shrunk!
There is some pretty little cabins with lovely gifts.

Hollie loves trains so we had to go on the train.

This is the scenery around the train.

This is the castle where Father Christmas was. Very princess like I think.
We were very lucky to be able to see Father Christmas as we were the last ones in.  Here is our picture with him.

Also we decided to go on the carousel. Not sure if Hollie has been on a horse on a carousel before as she like to sit in the carriage, but she really loved it.
Here is a little video of Hollie enjoying the carousel. Excuse me laughing like a monkey and my husbands funny comment!

We really enjoyed it and definitely made me feel more Christrmassy (if that’s a word!).

My May Sunshine

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