Origami Halloween bats

I mentioned on Tuesday that I enjoyed making some Halloween things using origami and that I was going to make some more, well one of the other things that I made were some origami bats.
I used this tutorial to make the bats and found them slightly more tricky to make than the pumpkins but after I had made a few, I understood how to do it.
All you need to make these is some black paper and I made them in 4 x 4 inch squares but you could obviously make them bigger if you wanted to.
This is Hollies artwork display that I decided to change and put up the bats instead. 
I just taped some embroidery thread to the back of the bats and tied them to the rail. They looked a bit lost but I will be adding more Halloween origami to it tomorrow.
I tied them to the rail at different heights and spaced them apart.
Ideally I would have liked to use invisible thread but didn’t have any so used silver thread instead.
Here are some close ups of the bats when they were hanging up.
Hollie really liked them and as she is only 4, she said she didn’t want anything too scary, so I think they were perfect. 
So, I have some more Halloween origami coming tomorrow. See you then. 

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