Hollie and school

Hollie has been in school all day for 2 weeks now. I get asked if I miss not having her at home but to be honest, I don’t. That might sound mean but we were beginning to get on each others nerves and some time apart I think will make both of us appreciate each other. 
This is a photo I took when she started all day.
Hollie loves going to school and makes friends very easily, which is great. She loves being able to wear her school uniform and take her lunch box to school.
As I have mentioned before, she loves to go outside and play and so when she found she would be able to do sports and activities, she liked that idea. 
This photo was taken when she started at the beginning of September. 
She is a true poser!
Anyway, I am loving being able to get more done around the house and organise and craft more. I can actually say that it has really helped clear my mind, being able to get things done.
However, I realised today that school finishes next Friday for half term for a week and so I’m sure that will make her a little confused as to why she can’t go to school that week. I must find things to keep her entertained that week, maybe some Halloween crafts. 
Anyone got any ideas for activities or crafts, would love to hear them.
Hope you have a good week and are looking forward to the weekend.

My May Sunshine

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