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For the fifth part of Craft Room Organisation, I wanted to show you how I store kids crafts.
To keep Hollie entertained, we keep a stash of craft items like lolly sticks, pompoms, googly eyes etc and to store them, I decided to separate them into little containers. This way it is easy to see what we have and how much we have left. 
To store all the craft items, I organised them onto a shelf and labelled them using my label maker, to make it easy to find each item.
We keep crayons and pencils, felt pens and magic pens in their own containers. Glue and scissors are kept in a little pink pot.
Hollie likes to make little aeroplanes and butterflies out of the lolly sticks.
We keep all of Hollies stickers together in a plastic folder and the beads, that she likes to create bracelets with the pipe cleaners, in 4 magnetic spice jars that stick to the stand they came with. 
 To make butterflies, we use filter papers and she can colour them in and add things like the pompoms , buttons, eyes etc.
This is Hollie’s little corner of the room. She has her desk and kitchen right below the shelf so it is easy for me to access the craft items for her.
Her kitchen is made out of a cupboard and an old Ikea desk top that was quite scratched at one end, so I turned it in the back of the kitchen. I added a Ribba shelf from Ikea and some hooks too. 

I also found an old tap in my grandmas garage and added an old mixing bowl and some sticky back plastic circles for the hob.  
The table has some brown polka dot oilcloth fabric on it to make it easier to clean than the bare wood.
To store all the papers, we use 2 drawers. Top one has the card and paper ready to use and the bottom has the papers that have been drawn on.
Every now and again, I go through the drawer and either keep them or recycle. Most only have a couple of lines or squiggles, which she won’t miss.
The ones that I do keep are stored in her bedroom.
The drawers are kept on my shelves along with a box full of extra craft supplies.
Hollie also really enjoys painting and using play doh and all the supplies for those are kept in a kitchen cupboard, which has a child latch on it, as she tends to help herself otherwise, especially the paints.
So that’s the last part of the Craft Room Organisation. Next week I am going to show you my craft room. 
See you soon.
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