Adding a favicon in blogger.

Is it wrong that, when I found out that you could easily add a favicon to your blogger blog without using any code, I kind of got excited.

The answer is yes but it is true. So if anyone wants to get rid of the blogger favicon, you can by going to blogger in draft and when you look at your page elements it’s above the navbar. I believe Blogger is going some upgrading and  rolling things out slowly including a new dashboard layout.

You just need a picture that’s 32x32px and then upload where I said earlier. I just made mine in Photoshop Elements but there are plenty of websites that generate favicons. I made a little yellow sunshine. It seems to show in Internet Explorer and Firefox but doesn’t seem to show in Google Chrome yet. We shall see.

For more info, this explains it more

This explains more about blogger redesign

My May Sunshine

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