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Monday, November 15, 2010

Today I thought I would give you an insight into me.

Over the last 5-6 years I've suffered from Seasonal Affective disorder (S.A.D)  and would never realise how bad I was affected by it each year until spring and the sun would make me feel better.

My Mum bought me a S.A.D lamp a couple of years ago and I have used it, for an hour a day a few days a week over the winter, ever since and can really say, for me, it has really helped.

I don't have anywhere near the low moods I used to. So if you suffer from S.A.D and haven't tried a lamp, it may be worth trying.

A bit of a random post I know but I just wanted to give you an insight into my world and if it helps anyone else, great, as the world can feel like a gloomy place at this time of year, in the U.K. anyway.

Ooh that was getting a bit low and on a brighter note!  I have been busy and have added some new items to my Folksy shop too.

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