Organiser - type 2.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

I wanted to show you the organisers I made for my sister and my mum.
The first one is my mums and the second is my sisters.

It all started because my sister wanted a diary and I just went a bit mad with it and made an organiser instead. When I started to think about, I decided to make one for my mum as well.
So here's whats inside them:

At the front is a 12 month calendar, 1 month on a page. I created and printed off my computer and added a tab to every month which I just inked the edges.

I then added an envelope to store receipts.

Then I made 6 pocket pages out of card and folded it to create a pocket on either side so it can be used to store wage slips etc  and can be used as 1 pocket for every month of the year.

I added a tab and wrote the date on either side on each page and again inked the edges.

At the back I added another envelope for receipts and added some paper which I stamped with the word notes.

On the outside I added a bow to each of the 3 book rings to make it pretty and just added some pva glue so they didn't come apart.

On the front and back cover, I laminated a piece of patterned paper, which makes it a good sturdy cover and rounded the corners.

My sister and my mum really liked their organisers and I really enjoyed making them, it was good fun.

The only thing I should have added, and might still do, was a piece of elastic to make a loop and thread it through a hole at the back and used a brad on the front to make a fastening to keep the organiser together.

'till the next time.

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